My Modeling + Graphic Design Terms and Conditions...


Modeling: Okay, as an IMVU professional model, I do have a set of Terms and Condintions for anyone who is wanting to hire me. So the following is the list that I have compiled doing my own research.

Now, I will do any kind of modeling needed, and that includes AP, female, and male modeling. I am a female, but I do however also own a male avi. I am willing to do any AP modeling as well as I do own an AP. Also, I would prefer to know what type of modeling needs to be done ahead of time, so that I can be ready and we won't have to waste any of each others' time.

Payment: First off, it is standard procedure that any model that is modeling products for someone should get the items gifted to him/her. So that is one of my requirements.

I do not have any fixed rates, everything is negotiable, depending upon the project.

Credit: I do require that my avi name [durrtysnapp] is put on the product page or image, saying that I modeled the product for you. If on the page then preferably, in the form of a link that directs viewers back to my IMVU homepage.


Graphic Design: Now as far as graphic design and editing goes, I do edit pictures and make backgrounds and banners when asked. However, I do usually charge depending upon the circumstances.

Payment: I do not have any fixed rates, everything is negotiable for me depending upon what you are asking me to work with. However, I usually do not ask anything less than 100cr for most of my work at the very least, to keep that in mind when coming to me please.

Credit: I do not always put my name on the avi art that I make for you. And when I don't add my name, I do ask that my avi name [durrtysnapp] in the form of a link that directs viewers back to my homepage, which can be found on this site, is put on your homepage, saying that I edited the picture for you or modeled your product. I also ask that if I make something for you, please do not claim it to be of your own creation. I work hard on all my projects and I don't like to see that happen.